Loop and Chill

I have seen ads for Loop earplugs for a good 7 months and I thought they are just fancy headphones but I decided after seeing the third ad on my Instagram one day to give them a try. I found them in the mail today and they are quite nice and are very good so far. I got two, Quiet and Experience.

Quiet makes all noise go down by 25-27 decibels and Experience makes the noise go down by 18 – 20 decibels.

I have yet to wear it in a loud loud situation so I can’t say whether or not it’s going to work for me. Putting them in to block out noise to write this it’s very nice and ill be using them all the time. They can be kept under wraps and are easy to carry (even if you don’t have big pockets)!

I will update once I’ve worn them more but so far I think they are very much worth it.

Till Next Time,


Main image by https://pixabay.com/users/dimhou-5987327/


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