Christmas Gifts and Mint Tea

Christmas is not always my favourite time of year. However, I enjoy spending time with my family and showing them love with little things. 

My favourite thing to do around Christmas time is to make little useful things for everyone, and I’ve done what my aunt does (collect little things throughout the year to give for gifts), and I’ll add it to whatever I’ve made for people. It’s a handy way to get/make gifts for those in your life or if you need an emergency gift for a gathering/party. It’s a pretty handy thing, and it’s going to be something I keep up as it’s handy as heck, and I can avoid going shopping around large groups of people. 

Im writing this after spending the day getting Christmas cards ready to go and adding the finishing touches on a surprise for a family member. I think they are really going to like it, and im sending it down with some little Christmas gifts. My gift bin has a variety of things and it’s steadily growing and the only thing that needs to be done is to sort it so I can put what’s going to each person in the appropriate bag. I enjoy that part most, the choosing what goes to who. I try to personalize any gift I give and I hope it’s something that they can use. Gifts aren’t something thats needed (in my opinion) it’s the people and memories that matter most.

Im not feeling the best so I apologize in advance if it comes off hard to read. It’s the start of a cold I think or plain old regular flu, it feels weird to have this after two years of wearing a mask, washing hands, and not socializing when feeling sick. It’s going to be interesting and I hope not as bad as I remember it being, I haven’t been sick in long enough that it feels wrong to get sick. So I decided that mint tea was the perfect thing to help with the scratchy throat, chills, occasional cough and congestion in the chest and face. Mint tea helps with head congestion, stomach issues, its delightful and goes well with hot chocolate, cookies, biscuits and Arrowroot cookies (i love those with hot chocolate). It smells good, tastes amazing and can be drunk hot or cold (some may argue with that but I think it’s good either way).

Im going to end the post here and I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! 

Till Next Time,

Main Image by Hai Yen Nguyen from Pixabay


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