My gran and I have been watching Broadchruch on nights we don’t have too much happening on over-air channels. We finished shetland (as far as Netflix has at least) and we greatly enjoyed it and are hoping they will add more to it as it’s quite good!

We are currently on season 2 of Broadchurch and it’s getting quite intense. I’m writing this while watching this as I tend to get fidgety while I watch shows or sit for too long, it helps me to take in the show somehow. I’ve yet to figure out how it happens and why it works but it does so I will take it.

The show starts off as a murder shows up and we follow the investigation and see every character get fleshed out and you start to question everyone. It shows small communities fairly well, it reminds me of the community I grew up near. Now, mine is a little bit larger but it does show an accurate portrayal of a small community coming together when there’s a crisis or incident that rocks it to the core.

Now I’m not spoiling this show, I don’t want to give anything away as they did a spectacular job at the writing and the pacing *chefs kiss* just perfection. The accents, the scenery, the soundtrack, it’s just so dang good!

I really enjoy shows like this as they show the dark and the light and the struggles that people actually go through. They make you feel for the characters and you can see or imagine what they may be thinking, hiding or thinking of doing.

Shows like Broadchurch that I will be watching or have already watched and will again are:




The Valhalla Murders


Ripper Street

Father Brown


Death in Paradise

Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries


Midsomer Murders

There’s just something about the routine in a murder mystery, someone gets killed (for whatever reason), someone gets found, the police or investigation team goes out, they do the questioning, looking and evidence finding, talk to everyone in the life of the person(s), visit everywhere they could have gone and eventually the pieces come together to have enough of a case built and it’s off to the prosecutors. It’s tidy in a way like a HEA romance, it’s structured yet you still get surprises and an ending that can be resolved or have something good happen.

Im off for the day, I hope that you’re having a lovely day and if you get a chance maybe pay it forward for someone. Are there any shows you recommend or can watch again?

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Toppers from Pixabay 

Todays Playlist: CSI: Miami/Vera


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