Where I’d Like To Visit

So the world is in a state of chaos but I have a few places id like to visit once I get the chance. 


Xàbia/ Jávea Spain





South Korea

Venice, Italy


New Orleans


Some of these are places my family came from a good while ago and some are places id like to see because of the history, scenery, food, and in some places the weather is definitely a plus as im from Canada and it’s cold for a good about 6 months. 

I’ve heard of the markets, adventures you can take, the views, the buildings you can visit and see where/how people used to live, the scenery from how they’ve been described and pictures from other peoples trips looks amazing! 

I’ve been told to id love the experience of travelling and I just need my passport to get this train rolling. It’s in the process; there’s a good amount of paperwork to fill out, so it’s hopefully going to take a few days and I can drop it off at the post office before work one day. I didn’t think id ever need one until recently, as well I haven’t left the country since I was oh maybe 6 months – 1 year old. And I haven’t had the money or time really to fly anywhere and I thought this past year that I’d like to one day travel and have everything at least close to ready for the most part. 

Is there a spot you’d like to visit? Is there something you’d like to do in particular? I hope your days going well! 

Till Next Time,

Main Image by yamabon from Pixabay


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