Making It Rain, While Not Breaking The Bank

*I started this in October so some of the writing makes more sense to think of that then when this will be posted, theres snow on the ground now*

Today has been an eventful and productive day. I woke up early (I had to work this morning), got ready for the day, headed to work and got a whole lot of things done and now Im home enjoying my weekend, listening to the rainfall and smelling the river and the delightful fresh air! It’s just a lovely coolness thats just perfect and makes me wish for fall weather.

I started this on Saturday when I wasn’t sure where this was going originally, but I think Im figuring it out. I love fall, and it makes me feel more well me. I have in the last year been going through everything I own or at least have access to easily, and I’ve been throwing out when I know it won’t fit and is in good condition to someone who would be able to use it. I do have to get some new clothes, and im ordering some as I can, and slowly, so far, I have jeans, shirts and some sweaters/cardigans. There is more I have to get to replace what had to be thrown out or donated, im trying to get what I need locally; however i’m particular as heck when it comes to some things, so I did order some of it online as it’s to what id like and wear most.

I order things online, it’s just hard for me to find something I enjoy in my size typically as they are harder to find in person, and I’m in that between size from  whats readily avaliable and plus size (12-14 sometimes 16 depending on the material). It’s not the best wording, but it’s best I can come up with currently. The sites I order from most are Ardene’s, Shein, and Amazon; Amazon is for jeans while I get my hoodies, shirts and whatever else from the other two. I know there’s a fight for sustainable clothing and fast fashion, fast fashion is not the best to buy, but I wear out my clothes or reuse them till it’s no longer useable.

I have a few tricks for buying things online, as you can never really tell how it will come and if it will fit. When ordering from:

Ardene’s: I’ll order t-shirts at 1X or 2X, and sweaters/hoodies at the same size, sometimes a 3X if I want a loose oversized fit. I don’t order pants or bottoms from Ardene’s now they have a curvy section, so it may be better, but I haven’t found something I quite like yet.

Shein: T-shirts: 1X or 2X based on the reviews and materials they say it’s made with, Bottoms: 0X or 1X, depending on the style and the materials.

Amazon: I tend to buy support tanks from brands I already know and have tried previously. Jeans: I love Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label, specifically Modern Skinny Jean in a black wash, dark wash, medium wash and light wash.

Not on the list is a company that I subscribed to last year, and I was slowly replacing all of my leggings, athletic shorts and sports bras from, it was Fabletics. They have durable, good quality leggings and general things from and I was surprised I was able to fit into the large/XL size there. They are very comfortable, thick enough while being breathable and have pockets(!!) now I ended up signing up to be a member to get a discount on everything I was going to order, and I’m pretty happy with my purchases to this day (wearing their leggings each time I sat down to write this).

Now because I have thicker thighs, I tend to have to order jeans every 5-6 months, so I make sure I get my money’s worth from each pair of jeans. I don’t switch up too much of what I wear between working and off; I wear leggings on off days and jeans when I’m working, with a basic t-shirt with a cardigan or a tank top/undershirt with a sweater over the top (my workplace gets pretty chilly). I live very comfortably and cosily as much as possible; I don’t think you should ever feel uncomfortable in the clothing you wear as that has an effect on how you interact with others, especially if you are hyper-aware of feeling awkward or irritated by the material of what you are wearing.

Clothing can be a lot, and things are going up in price, but there’s one thing I do recommend saving up for a good pair of shoes for all occasions, you are standing on your feet a good amount of the day, and it affects everything (posture, aches and pains and such). I have a pair of Vessi weekend shoes that I splurged on, and it was worth every penny; they are sustainable shoes, fit like a glove, and they are so dang comfortable, I wear them every chance I get. I also have a good pair of winter boots (Canada) and a pair of rain boots; these are very good for days when it’s wet and messy out. I’ve worked with a few ladies who told me to save up and wear something supportive while working (especially if your retail/food/hospitality industry) cause it will ease a bit of the day to day aches and pains and will save in the long run. now that all being said my favourite type of shoes are Birkenstocks and you can get a decent knock off pair from giant tiger for under $15 that are supportive and quite comfortable. you can also get a decent pair of supportive slides to wear as slippers too; I love supportive footwear.

This post is a pretty long and i hope its easy to read. So I hope your days going well, and if you’d like to share, is there a particular place you shop, and what materials do you tend to lean towards most? Where do you shop?

Till Next Time,


Main Image by gonghuimin468 from Pixabay


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