Childhood and Music

I was watching tv while winding down from the day, and Rascal Flatts came on in part of a show, and I was hit with memories of drives down back roads, of waking up and hearing them play while someone was making breakfast and more. It makes me reminisce on the happier memories and think of the power music has. 

Music that brings back my childhood are:

Rascal Flatts

Tim McGraw

Faith Hill

Reba McEntire

George Strait

Garth brooks

Dolly Parton 

Shania Twain

Diamond Rio

Lone Star 

Brooks & Dunn

Keith Urban

Johnny Cash 

Big & Rich

The Eagles



Guns N’ Roses

Matchbox Twenty 


Brian Adams

Hilary Duff

Jessica Simpson


Nelly Furtado

Im forgetting some, but I mostly listened to country, classic rock, and rock till I was around 11, a classmates dad worked at the radio station and told me I should listen to the station (96.7 Yes FM), and I started to, and I liked it. I still listen to it; we play it at work along with some other local stations. Music is always going to last regardless of the decades that pass, and it will probably be something that will outlast us all. It’s the beauty of it even if you can’t speak the language it’s in you can still vibe and get the emotion/story the music is telling. 

I dont have too many words flowing now so ill end it here, I hope your having a delightful day and are staying safe! 

Till Next Time, 

Main Image by 3888952 from Pixabay


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