Friends and Chicken Pot Pie

It’s been quite the day and im very happy with it, im eating chicken pot pie and it’s the perfect end to the day. Timon and I went out for a birthday tradition, the tradition is as follows: 

– We usually go for food where the birthday person traditionally chooses (or tells the other person to choose). 

– From there we go typically end up at a bookstore or somewhere for drinks and a small snack (Starbucks, McDonald’s, whatever is close) then on to whatever the birthday person feels like doing for the day.

Now as a nerd (Timon) and a geek (Me) we have a few spots when we tend to go towards most: any bookstore, hot topic, anything music related, some clothing stores (if they catch our eye or need anything), and we usually end the day with a karaoke session to musicals, pop songs and some classics. If we end up in hot topic we look at any memorabilia for supernatural, Starwars, and more. I tend to find a bracelet or two cause I’d rather look in person, or see what’s there so I dont have a selection that would overwhelm me and it limits how much I’d end up spending.

On some of our past days, we have acted like tourists in random little towns in our area, went to the movies, got snacks and had a bit of a picnic by the water, sat and got caught up on the latest news and thoughts, they are really nice memories and we are going to make more as the years go on. 

I’ve known Timon for 18 years give or take a few months, we’ve been through ups, downs, moves, breakups, dramas and more. They are like a sibling to me and im very grateful that we crossed paths and became friends in fourth/fifth grade. We balance each other out, and I truly dont know what id do if she weren’t in my life. The hours of venting, walking, movies, sitting in silence, breakdowns, 3 am wake up calls during exam season/mid-terms, it’s all ended up to this where we are now.  

This girl is going to be my maid of honour at my wedding (if I ever have one haha), godmother to my possible kid(s) (not happening in the near future),  and someone I will end up sitting beside in the old age home cackling like loons, reading books and people watching. 

Im off for the day, im exhausted and hoping your day is going well! I know the holidays can be an interesting time so I hope all is well with you and yours! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Patricia Schmitz-Heres from Pixabay 


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