Myths and The Tellers

While out the other day Timon found a beautiful hardcover copy of Mythology: Timeless tales of Gods and Heros By Edith Hamilton, it’s the 75th anniversary edition. It is a beautiful copy that is just breathtaking and just so detailed, I love it!

Mythology has been an interest for years and I got into some podcasts (let’s talk about myths baby, Mythunderstood, ancient history fangirls and more) and the work that goes into each episode that I just absorb like a sponge. Like some of the people are just so good at sharing the myths and Let’s talk about myths baby is amazing, her voice is lovely and very relaxing to listen to, and her sarcasm is delightful (she’s Canadian too!)! 

I know some people dont like podcasts (everyone has different boats) but they are a fantastic way to hear a story or feel like someone else is there with you while you’re working/cleaning/crafting and yours just letting that person speak. It’s a great way to pass the time and it helps the people making them by showing that there is someone listening to their hard work (and hopefully rating the podcasts).  

Im off for the day, if you haven’t listened to the podcasts I highly recommend giving them a listen. I found them on Spotify, but im fairly certain they are available on apple podcasts and somewhere else as well. 

I’m off for the day, I hope you’re all having a wonderful day and staying safe!

Till Next Time,


Main Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay


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