Nail Kits and Chocolate Cake

I’ve wanted to get my nails done for a few months now. I dont do much fancy things with my nails; I used to paint them, but I have a habit of picking my nails and being clumsy, so they dont typically last (im hard on the nails with crafting, painting, cleaning, and more). I’ve been thinking about getting a kit to do my own nails, as we are back to the 2nd wave of opening and well id rather save money and do a treat myself day.   

There are many types of kits out there now; it’s become popular and a very fun thing to learn. 

Gel is ok; I dont particularly like it as I find it doesn’t last for me and tends to peel off on me. 

Dip is fine, but I find it to be a long process, and mine tended to chip, break, and one nail falls off on me always. 

Acrylic is so so; mine always got caught and either pulled off or would hang loose on one edge cause I never had glue with me at the time. 

Polish is good till it starts to peel, then I will pick at them all till it’s gone. 

I enjoy a decent length nail but nothing too crazy as I still like to do my regular crafts and things. I do love the clicky sound they make when you tap on counters and other surfaces, I know it’s a fidget thing to keep me focused. If I do get my nails done/do my nails; I keep it a neutral colour or a random pop of colour to go with the season. 

I’ve been thinking of the chocolate cake the last few days, part of me wants the cake from Matilda. With its rich icing and how delicious it looked (while feeling so bad for the poor kid who had to eat it all in one sitting). I wouldn’t want to piss off Trunchbull; she was scary as heck as a kid, and even now id rather not meet someone like her to this day. Sweets are something that can be quite delicious, but if I see multiple slices (or cookies, squares, and every other dessert out there), I will be so happy and happily eat to my heart’s content.  

I’m going to be off for the day; I hope all is well and you’re all safe out there! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Kevin Petit from Pixabay


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