My Week, Mug Cakes and More!

I smelled this amazing stew; it has potatoes, carrots, beef, and other amazing things. Im very much looking forward to eating the stew (I’ve eaten it; it’s delicious as I thought)!   Stews are a wonderful thing to eat when it’s chilly and cold outside; It warms you from the inside out. You can make them with chicken, beef, lamb, mushroom, tofu, and more or just have veggies with biscuits (the kind you make that could go with sweet or savoury toppings). I ended up eating two big bowls of it today, I was quite hungry (it also could have been that I only ate a mug cake for breakfast too and woke up too late for lunch) it was excellent, and I may have burned the roof of my mouth, but that was worth it. 

I’ve been thinking of cake all week, and I found a recipe for a moist cake that can be made in a mug. It turned out amazing, and I added some sprinkles to make it just perfect, and I was surprised by the outcome. It didn’t have any eggs, I put it in the microwave for about 2 minutes and thirty seconds, and it was to my preferred cake texture and fully cooked! 

I also did a peppermint hair mask, and it was lovely; the peppermint was tingly, and my hair is softer than it’s been in months. It worked on the scalp and the hair, so everything got a nice treat, and they give a significant amount in the package, so im able to get multiple uses out of it. Hair masks are very nice and a small thing to do while cleaning, in the bath, reading whatever you feel like doing really.  I have a silicone brush that I use when im washing my hair. It goes well with the masks as it provides a nice head massage while not damaging to the scalp. 

Other things that happened this past week are; I worked at the store, did some writing, crocheting, cooking, and drawing. I got a new to me kit of a glass pen and some inks (it came returned for whatever reason), and all the inks were filled, and they run quite smooth. I got it to do some mixed media art with my coloured pencils, watercolours, and possibly more; it’s fun to mix the types, each combination no matter what you keep the same they are always different like a signature if you will. 

Speaking of signatures, I and some of the family were discussing cursive writing. Lots of people find it hard to read, some people who write in cursive write very small and tight (my nanna was like this, it’s hard to read her writing sometimes), some write very loopily and large. Without writing cursive in schools, some of the teens/people I know (people younger than 18 generally from who I have talked with) dont know how to do a signature and Im fairly certain they stopped in my province in 2008-2010 (could be later). I think cursive is a form of calligraphy in a way; it’s beautiful and looks elegant even when saying unpleasant things. My favourite thing is seeing someone from Instagram who makes a living embroidering swear words very dainty looking. I can’t find their account for the life of me, so I can’t link them like I want to currently; some of the work, from what I remember seeing, is some amazing work using some cursive and other delightful fonts. I know they have an Etsy shop, there are several others who do something like this, and it’s just amazing! 

All in all, this week has been busy while quiet and good. I dont have much plans for the year; I dont want to jinx anything that could happen, and while I hate surprises and not knowing plans im trusting my gut feeling and going with what I think is right as it comes (I feel like a hippie saying that but it’s true).

Im off for the day; I hope you’re having a wonderful day and you and yours are staying safe! Before I go, what’s your preferred kind of cake?

Till Next Time, 


Update: The Instagram account is get.stitch.done and the Etsy store is GetStitchDoneDesigns.

Main Image by spicetree687 from Pixabay


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