Family is a wonderful thing; now, I dont necessarily mean blood when I say, family. Family to me is the people you connect with, maybe their people you work with, people you meet online/in person because of similar hobbies or interests, there are many reasons. 

I’ve been lucky to have had the honour of having many people come in and out of my life. In some ways, they arrived at the right time, and we either drifted our ways, some were part of others lives connected to me, and that person(s) have drifted out since then; some have come in and stuck around. Im thankful to have them come in, and, in some cases out, I’ve learned a lot and have gotten to experience many things I would never have imagined. 

To those who are no longer part of my life, I want to thank them for the experiences, time and memories from our times together. Good or bad, every chat, interaction, and emotion we got to experience together was worth it, and I wish you all well. 

To those who are a part of my life, thank you for what we will go through, for what we have gone through and everything in between. I dont reach out every day, but you are always in my thoughts, and I always hope/wish the best thing that can happen to you will happen. 

Im not perfect; I hope never to be, but I’ve been able to learn and grow from where I was, and it’s hopefully making me a better version of who I was. 

I dont think I could be who I am today without everyone I’ve had come in my life, so thank you! I’m off for the day, and I hope that you lovely readers are having a wonderful day! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by luxstorm from Pixabay


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