Slipping and Memories

I got talking with Cinaed this weekend about random things while cooking, moving some stuff around and running around. Part of the weekend brought up memories of being a kid watching my dad cooking while listening to AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ozzy Osborne and more. It was a cozy weekend, and it made me realise no matter what happens, I have a group of people who can make me feel like im not completely losing my sanity and find some good in the crazy that is life. 

The weekend consisted of being a sous chef for my dad, card games, calligraphy, drawing, walking and playing with a puppy, lots of laughter, food and fun. On Sunday morning, I realised how cozy the house is; I sat in the bow window seat and finished my coffee while drawing as the fam took a nap in the living room, and it was just peaceful as can be. The weather was perfect for curling up in comfy clothes and taking the morning easy, with a hot beverage in hand, a good book or drawing pad and pencils. 

I called this slipping and memories because I slipped on Sunday down short steps, and I had a dog on one side/behind me and someone to the side talking to me (while wearing very soft, comfy socks!), and I guess I didn’t have any traction and I went down those short steps, and I ended up catching myself on my right hand. My wrist is sore, but I think it’s just a minor sprain; nothing’s swelling just hurts to move up more than a 30-40% angle.  It makes writing a bit interesting; the way I hold my hand is a bit of a strange hold, but it works, so I’ll take it.  

This weekend was lovely, and I got to play games I didn’t were out (Uno Flip, it’s very fun), and have some time with some amazing people while eating some lovely food! Im not super social, but I seem to find my way to meeting people that make an impact on my life and bring something new into it. 

Im off for the day; I hope you’re having a lovely day and all are staying safe out there! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by samashdown from Pixabay


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