Careers and 84 Charing Cross Road

I’ve been thinking about the career id like to go into, and ive put the words of someone close to me to heart when they told me that essentially it gives you the means to do what you enjoy. And with that in mind, ive been looking into jobs and applying like crazy and getting back some responses but not as much as I hoped; most are thanking me for applying, but im not quite what they are looking for, which is fair, im expanding from my usual job search into some more specific fields. Now I have the majority of the soft skills; it’s some of the hard skills for the jobs I dont have, so im working on that when not working, writing and sleeping. 

I thought about being a teacher when I was about 15 but didn’t have the confidence and idea of what I liked, so it didn’t go anywhere. Ive sent out some emails with questions to a few places for advice and recommendations as im not quite sure where to start, im looking forward to the emails back with more information. I do have a degree from previous education that I hope to incorporate towards the education; I spent a lot of time and effort into the previous schooling, and it has helped in other jobs ive worked but im not sure it will in regards to this. 

I’d love to teach art, it’s something that everyone can do, and it doesn’t put a limit on what’s good and bad. Art is subjective, lets out thoughts/emotions, may scare you as you look at and it can inspire you to try/do something you’ve been hesitant to do. As a kid, I loved art, whether it be drawing, painting,  it was always something I did even on my class notes!

I think id feel more comfortable teaching elementary kids, maybe even secondary kids; life isn’t always the easiest and doesn’t give everyone the same hand to play with and balancing school/home life can be interesting. When I was about elementary age, there was some upheaves in my everyday and I didn’t know how to balance or handle it thoroughly, and I had undiagnosed ADHD, so it was a bit of a whirlwind for a while before things settled to what would be. I had some fantastic teachers and I dont think id be who I am without their influences, im thankful for the teachers who didn’t get angry with me because id forget something so quickly, that id lose focus or zone out randomly, and id get so excited about something and make random noises because of it. 

If id had known when I was younger that I had ADHD and not been told that I was just being lazy, too hyper, hard to keep focused, doesn’t seem to care, among other things, I think I could have come out a bit differently to where I am now. Im happy to be where I am, but the people who told me the above things stuck in my head, and I can still hear some of them from time to time, and it does stick with you even if it’s not mean negatively, and it does impact how you see yourself and your work. Knowing it’s something in the brain chemicals and signals helps me to know if I want to do something specific I do it this way to be the most effective and not waste my time or anyone else’s.  

As an adult, I can understand not knowing how someone thinks or does something is normal, but I feel like some people haven’t kept their minds open when teaching thinking it has to be a certain way for all. I had a french teacher (i still dislike this french teacher, loved french till I had her). I had her for a few months until someone would come and collect me from her class then bring me back to the class once she was done with french. From what I remember of the class it was very boring; I dont remember if it was the tone she spoke in or just how they thought french should be learned, but I really disliked it. Since having her as a  teacher and remembering something about someone calling me stupid when it comes to french (my memory is not very strong on that, so I could be wrong about the wording), I cant seem to retain it. Granted, I didn’t have any french classes past this teacher till college however, I have family who is french, so I wasn’t away from french completely, but I still cant retain it no matter how I learn it. 

If I end up becoming a teacher (life is funny, and it may point me in a different direction), I hope to let the kids learn in a way they will best learn and hopefully not leave a sour note in their mouths when they think back on a time they were in a class. I just like giving some help or even comic relief to whatever is happening in people’s lives, I think it can be taken too seriously, and everyone needs some time where they are just people and enjoying something.

While I wrote this, ive been watching 84 Charing Cross Road with Anthony Hopkins, Judi Dench and many other amazing actors, and I was unsure I’d like the movie, but it was listening to a conversation between acquaintances turning into friends. It’s something I will watch again; I sat there still, not wanting to miss a detail of what was on the screen (distracting to research but worth it). I love all of the characters and how you got to meet them all in what feels like a natural way; I was sad at the end but happy sad if that makes sense. 

Im off for the day; I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and if you haven’t seen the movie, maybe give it a try. It’s worth the watch. 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by chenspec from Pixabay


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