Little Things

Ive been thinking of some little things that make my day a bit brighter; some are from the past month, some before that, but all are little things to bring a smile or moment of happiness. 

So here goes;

Waking up and feeling all warm and cozy, curled under the blanket.

Making and drinking coffee.

Find the thing you lost in the first spot you look.

Sitting in comfortable silence with people who are close to you.

Getting hugs from the people you love.

Wearing soft, cozy sweaters.

Holding a warm mug of coffee/tea/hot chocolate.

A smell taking you back to a happy childhood memory.

Smelling pine and cedar after they’d just been cut.

Petting a dog/cat or any other animal.

Opening a book to the page you’re looking for.

Smelling a newly printed book.

Smelling an old leather-bound book.

Sitting and watching the leaves fall (and snow) on a quiet morning.

Watching family and friends enjoy the time together.

Seeing someone close to you smile.

Conversations with friends/family. 

It feels like time is moving fast in some ways, and it’s easy to just focus on the bigger picture and forget the little things that make up the bigger things. Im off for the day; I hope you’re having a wonderful rest of your day and staying safe out there.  

Till Next Time,


Main Image by SaskiaHidalgo from Pixabay 

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