Croissants and Gloomy Mornings

I woke up this morning, and I didn’t feel like cooking much, so I decided to make croissants. I can’t tell you how much joy and happiness it has brought me cause it’s a bit blah looking outside and its more of a curled up cozy day. The Croissants are cooling on the oven now, and it’s all you can smell; it’s such a lovely mix with the rainy smell coming in off the fresh air. 

To make the day better Straykids have released ODDINARY today, so thats on repeat today. I was listening to it while I took my afternoon walk but that was cut short as it was pretty sunny then got pretty dark so I finished it on the treadmill and did some yoga afterwards, it was a very nice feeling. I decided on a snack of pumpkin pie ice cream while finishing this up to bring a wonderful end to the afternoon. 

It was a lovely day and I dont have too much to add to this so ill be off for the day, I hope you’re doing well and enjoy a treat if you get a chance! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay


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