Spring Needs To Come Soon!

In Canada, spring likes to tease us; it starts slow, then a few days later, it will be below freezing with ice rain, possibly hail but be bright and sunny, melting it all away the following day. It feels like a false hope but the sunshine and wearing fewer layers is coming, so I will take it! 

I just want to enjoy the spring weather and get the change in pollen and sinus issues that will come up as it starts done with. Ive decided to paint my nails yellow to bring more sunshine and brightness and because I feel like I need a bit more of spring/summer. Ive been playing EXO all day, and it’s made the day brighter while I do some learning, walking, yoga and writing. 

Music and nail colour directly correlates with my mood; I can change my mood depending on how much sleep I have, how much socialising I have to do, and my level of focus. I tend to do more work where you cant have your fingernails painted as it can mess with food prep and such, so I usually do a pedicure with the colour im feeling at the moment; it has been light purple and metallic pinky/purple until today when I decided on yellow. 

I enjoy watching the change from winter to spring almost as much as I love watching the leaves turn from summer to fall. Spring and fall have some similar weather, and your able to dress how I feel most comfortable and not have to worry about choosing something that will be peeled off or too hot later. 

I have to dig out my spring/summer clothes; I haven’t worn a lot of what my closet has as most of it was more for being social or more dressy, and I tend to wear leggings or shorts when home with a T-shirt or an oversized thin sweatshirt. I have things that I can wear out, but for me to wear them, I have to be in the right mood or the right occasion (in my mind), Ive been breaking down the restrictions I give myself for that, but it still feels weird sometimes to wear certain outfits if I dont feel like leaving the house (like a cute dress or one-piece set) and being a homebody. Im going to clean out my closet, and im going to be making sure I like what I have and will wear it; if I dont wear it but like it, I may keep it, but im trying to make sure I like what I have and it’s worn worth the money spent regardless of the price. I buy more on the cheaper side for most things as it’s easier to replace and spend more on something I know I’ll have for quite a while, like a good pair of shoes, belts and the like. 

Thats all the words I have for you today; I hope your day is lovely and you enjoy some stunning views! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Owantana from Pixabay


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