Libraries and Celtic Traditions

I decided to use my first day off in 10 to run some errands yesterday, and it was a pretty good run around. 

I got a library card and took a tour of the branch. It’s a beautiful location with various movies, audiobooks and more available on the website, which is wonderfully designed (from my perspective) and easy to use. Im in love with libraries, big and small, and I love a sound system. Ottawa has a good system, it may not be perfect, but it has lots of variety, things to learn, instruments, among more to borrow and experience. Here it’s smaller than Ottawa, has more people than my home town but has more of a small-town feel while having more happening. I love the Centerpointe branch location in Ottawa; it’s right near a big terminal, easy to get to, has a lot of things happening in it typically (before covid), and has a good spot to sit and write. The location I went to yesterday had several smaller areas to write, study, or read; it has sections for computer work, a movie section, among more that I didn’t fully look into as I wanted to get home before it started pouring rain (it started to rain hard as soon as I left). 

Before going to the library, I went to the mall, where I picked up some pants for work, a new wallet and toured before I got too overwhelmed by people. When I got home, Mint and Wee Man were unloading the bikes and dropping them off at the apartment before heading off to get some craft supplies. While they were gone getting supplies, I did some laundry to get ready for monday, some cleaning and other little things while listening to Wild Magic by Danu Forest (here is a link to its info); I plan on getting a physical copy when I can, it’s an excellent book and im enjoying the narrator’s voice. 

Ive been leaning towards Celtic traditions and myths more in the last year or so; I don’t attach myself to any religion, I did go to a catholic school from the age of 6 (maybe 7) to 17, so I know a good bit about catholic things but its not something I really follow. I respect anyone’s religion as it’s something between you and that being, and it’s not something thats my business. Learning more about the myths has made me realise that people had the stories to be shared around a fire on a cold night, to keep you from doing something stupid, to learn the stories as it was told by previous ancestors and its something to share and bring people together. Some people may not believe or find it hard to see where they came from, and all we know about Celtic traditions are what survived from word of mouth centuries ago. 

I find learning about Celtic traditions as soothing as sitting by the water hearing the water hit the shore, even as im going about doing laundry, washing dishes, walking or whatever else I feel like doing and am forgetting as im writing this. I’d like to visit Scotland and Ireland; I know my family came over from there to Canada, and well, im here a few generations later. I’d love to see where they came from and what it’s like and hear what they could have heard; I know things have changed since they came to Canada, but I feel like a part of them was left there waiting for us to go back. 

Ive been in a sentimental, emotional mood this weekend; I know what I can and can’t say at times, but the emotions still come, so ive been working on getting them out without injuring anyone or insulting them. I find it hard to get words out in some ways still. This weekend it was a bit harder to find the right words as I didn’t want to say the wrong thing as once something is said, you can’t take it back, and the impact of words is equally as high as a physical blow, in some cases the words last longer in the memory than the physical blows do. Writing on this blog has strengthened my ability to get the words I need out; some topics will be harder to write about regardless of the strength of my writing, and I do accept that and write about those when I feel like im in a safe space to let out the emotions and thoughts hard to get out. 

Since ive started at my new job, ive noticed I feel a bit more tired once I get home which can make writing a bit more daunting or just not feeling it, which I dont push because im not in the right headspace for it and its good to rest the brain and body when it’s needed. Getting used to something takes a good bit too, so I can’t really get mad as it’s something that will take little by little. Something that does help is doing something that brings you joy which for me is dyeing my hair; as Alayna Joy says, “dont be sad, go get a tattoo!” this is my version of balancing myself from feeling too much and in a sense resetting to make it a fresh start at something. 

Im not quite sure when I will post next, I hope to post twice a week; however, im unsure of how im doing the schedule for the blog, but I will update as soon as I figure it out. I hope your day is lovely and you have a wonderful week ahead! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by Anthony Gallon from Pixabay


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