White Shoes and Movie Night Tea

I was washing some things today, and it seemed like a good time to throw in my one pair of shoes and decided to handwash my Vessi shoes cause im trying to get some stain out, and it’s turned out reasonably ok, im going to toss them in the washing machine next time I have a load and the stains should be gone. White shoes are lovely; they are hard to keep clean, and im not super picky about how dirty they are, but there’s an acceptable level and an utterly gross level; it’s something like a fine line in some cases. I dress casually 99% of the time; it’s usually leggings, a t-shirt, cute socks and a cardigan or leggings, a sweatshirt and cute socks. I aim for optimal comfort at all times; now, I keep a few dresses and other things to switch it up, but they are all comfortable, breathable and have pockets. 

I wear them year-round (weather permitting), and if it’s not too deep of snow, the vessi’s are waterproof and are good for wet weather or anything you want to easily clean. I do wish I got a black pair with a white sole and the white, but I decided on one pair to try out the shoe. I greatly enjoy them, so im thinking of investing in a second pair, but im stuck between the Sunday slipper (in black) or everyday move slip-on (also in black). I will eventually get the Chelsea boots as well in black or brown depending on my mood that day. 

As for the tea, we ran around doing errands and ended up in the local mall. While there, we found T.Kettle, and we took a look in for peppermint and left with Movie Night, Cinnamon Chai and Peppermint.

Movie Night is a mix of apple, hibiscus, rosehip, cocoa beans, almonds, and popped rice and is described as “Action. Rom-Com. Sci-Fi? This tea is the perfect addition to any movie night, tastes just like buttered popcorn”. It’s the first one we have tried so far, and im not a huge fan of plain rooibos, and this hits the nostalgic feels’ with the smell of a movie theatre, and all I can taste is apples, almonds and a hint of cocoa. 

Cinnamon Chai is Rooibos, cinnamon, and apple and is described as “Sweater weather is better weather. Opens with sweet cinnamon and finishes with notes of toast”. I think this one will be the next I try; im intrigued to see how it tastes and if I will like it, all are herbal, so I think I may try to have some before bed and see if it helps me to sleep. 

Peppermint, of course, is just peppermint, fresh quite amazing it’s described as “After dinner mint! Cool and sharp intense full peppermint”.  I know I will love this one as peppermint is my favourite tea, and it’s comparable to David’s Tea peppermint, which is phenomenal, so it’s going to be a hit. 

I love a good herbal tea; ive been looking for a good decaf black tea, preferably one that tastes like English breakfast or Irish breakfast—Im not a huge fan of orange pekoe, earl grey or lady grey. I will drink them; however, I will try to take something else if possible. Ive been thinking of switching to tea in the morning over coffee to see if it makes a difference but who knows, it could be the waking up at 4 am messing up my current body clock till it gets settled into a new rhythm or something else entirely. 

Im off for the day; I hope you’re having a lovely day and your week goes quick! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay


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