My Dream House

While on my walk the other day, it got me thinking of my dream home, it’s nothing too fancy, but it’s very comfortable. I would love to live in a cottage by the water that feels like a hobbit hole with some newer tech to make life a little easier (google home, smart lights etc.). It would have a little library/writing room with floor to ceiling shelves, a cozy window seat, and slideout cupholders in parts of the shelving, so you have a spot nearby to hold drinks/snacks. The library would also have a fireplace, cozy carpet, and good chairs. 

There is a decent-sized open kitchen/dining room/living room with comfy seating, enough storage, and decent lighting. There is a bay window to look out into the water while sitting having a morning coffee or relaxing after a long day, a small powder room off to the side of the open space, done in a similar theme as the living room open space. The main bedroom would have a smaller walk-in closet with a dresser and storage for other seasons above the current season’s wardrobe. The bedroom would have a comfy bed, a little vanity table, a stool at the end of the bed, and be a colour to help unwind and be a relaxing, cozy place. The spare bedroom would have storage units with craft supplies, a day bed that pulls out to a double bed for whoever is there to sleep. 

Essentially I want to live in a cozy space that is welcoming, relaxing and feels like walking into a comforting hug. It can take the issues, stress, and whatever else is happening in your life and let it go so you can just be.  

I dont have much else to add to this today, so im going to be off for the day and im curious what your dream house is. I hope you have a lovely day!! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay


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