Tapas and Dramas

Tapas is a wonderful app for finding all types of comics; I lean towards slice of life or romance over most genres. One of my favourite comics was turned into a Netflix show, and I put off watching it till I had time to sit and watch cause I had the feeling I would be sucked in and would not get anything done (i did do that). It is called A Business Proposal by Perilla&NARAK&Haehwa&Guava Farm, and it is an adorable story that makes you laugh, maybe cry, and it may just be me, but it feels like watching/cheering on friends going about their life. 

The show does miss some of the smaller details (like any book to show/movie), but it hits all the main points while adding some newer things to make up for missing some of the cuter scenes from the comic. It has a wonderful cast, the soundtrack perfectly matches, and I can confidently say it goes well with a rainy day. I finished the show in 48hrs, and it was worth every second; I love a good romance story, and this was perfect to crochet to while on a rainy day (making a rug for myself). 

This post is an appreciation post for the story, show, music, and work that went into everything listed. It brought a smile, and I think thats what it was meant to do; if you haven’t watched it and have been thinking about it, I recommend watching it.  

Thats all I have for this post; I hope your day is going well!

Till Next Time,


Main Image by donations welcome from Pixabay


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