Walks and Dogs

It’s my weekend, and I had a funny experience that I wanted to share with ya’ll. I finished work on Saturday early enough that there was enough daylight left to go for a walk on a nature trail nearby. We started our walk (3.3 miles all in all), and on the one path, there were a few spots to sit by the water, and it was so peaceful and calming. We found a few areas that Wee Man would enjoy, and we saw a bunch of dogs, some kids (it was later in the day, so they were mostly at home eating supper or something like that, most likely) and lots of animals. 

We started at the south entrance and ended up in the north parking lot about 3/4ths of the way through and tried a newer path on a whim from Mint, and it turned out it must have been blocked off for rain damage, and someone removed the sign, so we walked down it. It was very muddy in parts, and there were paths made around the bigger spots others who walked down before us made. I ended the walk with my white shoes (not intending to walk through mud) covered in about 3/4ths of mud and are currently waiting to be washed, and I thought we were lost the entire time walking down it mostly; we ended up finding out it meets by the main path and got on to there and made it to the car. It was pretty entertaining, and I still giggle about it as im writing this, as all I can think of is the moments where I was slipping and sliding as im trying to not fall into puddles of mud. 

While there, we saw many dogs, some bigger, some smaller and in-between. Dogs are so cute, and they seem to know exactly what you need even if you dont (cats do this too); id like to in the future if everything works out. It doesn’t have to be a dog; it could be a cat or anything that just fits me and where I am in life. 

Thats all I have for today; I hope you’re having a wonderful week and a good surprise happens! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by smellypumpy from Pixabay


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