Puppies and Painting

I have spent the last two days off cleaning, walking, listening to music, painting and sleeping. On Sunday, I came home and decided id do a bit of painting, and before I knew it was 8 pm or thereabouts, I didn’t have supper yet, so I made some food and finished off my night with Teen Wolf and my usual night routine. Monday was spent sleeping in, cleaning and crafting; we got a new mop that separates the clean and dirty water and rinses the mop without you having to wring the mop out! I did a little too much on my wrist (ive been having some issues off and on from previous injuries, and it’s been acting up a bit more), so it’s been wrapped most of the day to support it and make life a bit easier. 

I decided to touch up my hair and did some crafting to wind down from the hyper energy I’d had all day; I had an iced latte with a stronger coffee than I usually drink. I got alot done, but I crashed hard and will try not to drink lattes unless it’s decaf just to keep me not feeling like the energiser bunny. I woke up monday to a few calls, one from Cinaed and two from Mint; Cinaed wanted to talk about random things, and Mint tried to tell me that they got a puppy! 

Mint went to see, not expecting anything and fell in love with a sweet, cuddly puppy that looks a little like an old man and hes coming to the apartment tomorrow. So it’s been a day of prepping things up for the puppy’s safety and our sanity here. I have all but one area finished, as it’s a little harder to figure out where to place those items right now. Im looking forward to tomorrow as it’s the day the puppy gets here, and im quite excited to finish work, to come home and meet the little bundle of energy. I’ve been pretty relaxed all day, finishing up the puppy prep, cooking, and running errands. 

I don’t know what else to write today so im off. I hope you’re having a wonderful week and enjoying the sunshine! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by No-longer-here from Pixabay


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