My Latest Interests

The things that have captured my attention lately have been; 


Teen Wolf

Stand By Me


Doom at Your Service 


Peaky Blinders

History 101 

Our Planet

Business Proposal 

The American Barbeque Showdown

American Gods 


The Mummy 

Pride and Prejiduce (2001) 





Dont Let Me Down (ft Daya) by The Chainsmokers

I Bet – Shuba 

Dont Call Me Up – Mable 

SG – DJ Snake, Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion, LISA of BLACKPINK


Monsta X

Stray Kids


Presenting Ed Sheeran

Cinderellas Dead – Emeline 

About Damn Time – Lizzo 

Undress Rehersal – Timeflies

I haven’t had too much energy after some of my shifts, so I like background noise to entertain and enjoy the puppy entertainment between the time I get home and go to bed. Puppy is home and still unnamed as he is a relaxed, kinda older man looking dog with the cutest little wrinkles around his eyes; Im not sure what his name will be, but it will be cute! 

I hope you’re having a wonderful week and a lovely surprise happens! 

Till Next Time,


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