Puppy Training and Some Thoughts

Puppy training is ongoing, and while it’s going, it’s not going as fast as Mint would like as mint is working longer hours away from home, and while he listens to me, she would like the puppy to listen to her more. When she picked up the puppy, she asked if he was trained, and they said yes, but they only just started training before the pups were picked up, which meant that the puppies all needed more training than anticipated. While hes been quite good, he still has little accidents here and there, usually after walking him and when we aren’t looking for one or two seconds.  Hes gotten sit, paw, lay down, among other things, but hes an easily distracted puppy, so he can do it; he’d just rather not play with a toy or try to bite your sleeves or something else close. Hes very cuddly, loves to sleep and is happily involved just by sitting by while you do something; hes makes for a wonderful supervisor while cooking, cleaning or writing. 

The apartment has been in a bit of a state of chaos; while it’s clean and organised in some ways but the puppy has been growing like a weed and has new levels of reach, so it’s harder to keep everything out of his reach or out of where he’ll be able to pull something down. 

It’s been a few highs and lows, and some moments are more stressful than they could be. It’s like having a baby with some sharp teeth; I know it will be ok after some time when he gets his adult teeth in, and he won’t be chewing everything. It’s been lovely to come home to a puppy who is happy to see you no matter how your day goes; it’s relaxing and takes the stress off. 

It has changed routines during the night and been interesting, im adapting to the change, and it’s been good. I do need to work on getting better sleep, I have the routines, and it’s just the timing and getting the words out that I need. Since then, we’ve listened to some books, different music and played some movies, we are currently listening to The Wisdom Of Father Brown by G. K. Chesterton, and he tends to sleep to it still; you can tell hes listening as he reacts at the right times to the twists and turns, He doesn’t like the voice of the current audiobook but hes been listening non the less when im playing it. 

It’s funny to see his personality come out, hes very lazy with bursts of energy and very cuddly yet randomly playful; he kind of acts like he has ADHD, and it’s funny to me. Ive been looking for newer books to listen to with him, and he seems to like old-timey mystery stories by Agatha Christie and the like. He likes upbeat, fast music, slow music, and in between beats. He enjoys rock, pop, country, and kpop; it’s fun to listen to music with him; the pup will nod his head along and sometimes fall asleep nodding his head (puppy naps). 

I’ve been debating to take up running or something of the like. The puppy needs lots of exercise and gets lots of walks, but he still has lots of energy left over. Besides that, I haven’t been up to much; I made a few crafts (partway through my rug and a dream catcher), read a book, listened to a few, ive been writing posts im not happy with, drinking tea, looking at crocks to replace my ones that are quite old, doing some self-care, and organising what I have with me. I live a pretty boring life; it’s not bad, though; I like to have my time to decompress after work and go out when I feel like it. 

Thats all I have for this post; I hope your having a lovely day and have a wonderful monday! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by ameliausmoothie from Pixabay


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