Happiness and Slow Mornings

I started today by sleeping in, slowly getting out of bed, having a quick shower and taking the dog out. We played for about 30 minutes outside, met a few people, had a cup of coffee, and got my laundry started. Im sitting down after a short walk and waiting for the first load to be finished so I can get the next two started; the pup is in his chair chewing on a bone, watching me as I try to get used to using the keyboard im using for the moment as mines still being funky. 

We got Country music playing in the background (a mix of older and newer songs), some water by me and fresh water for the pup, and it’s been a relaxing day. Ive started to see a bit of a tan on my legs from sitting outside with the dog, and he looks fresh with his freshly cleaned fur (and brushed outside). While we were outside this morning, it got me thinking about how we are so rushed to do things, and while in some cases it’s good to be quick (like in a fast-moving job), it’s equally important just to be. I enjoyed not rushing anywhere; I went to get some stuff to make a casserole later and cuddled with the dog right after cause I feel like an arse leaving him when he gives me puppy eyes. 

The plan for today after getting laundry done is to go to the dog park and have a little picnic (weather permitting) and play a bit, write up a review for Abandoned in Death by J.D Robb (a phenomenal book), finish the casserole, and do some little things I saved for my day off. I’d like to make some scrunchies using some older items I have (recycling them) and get something good for my hair. 

Country music seems t put me in a relaxed mood on a day off when it’s warmer out; on a rainy day, I listen to sad music, and it makes me happy, and I listen to upbeat pump-me-up music any other time essentially.  Doing laundry makes me happy on my days off, too; im not sure why but I think it’s something to do with the fact it keeps me moving, I put everything in its place, and it looks better than it does throughout the time between washes. I tend t leave the major cleaning till a day off so I can get sucked into it and get more done without missing work or being late for something. 

I need to invest in some summer clothes that are a bit more comfortable and lighter, to match the heat we are predicted to get this summer; Ive been looking for skirts that are comfortable that arent sheer, too heavy or too long. It’s a hard find, but I am looking forward to getting a nice skirt to go with some of my favourite things in my closet. 

The casserole I made turned out very soft and fell apart, but it is incredible. I made it with green, red and yellow peppers, chives, turkey bacon, hashbrown potatoes (little squares), habanero peppers chopped and eggs; I made a little crust with the potatoes, and it’s the perfect crispy topping. Im not really sure what else to add to this post, and I feel it’s a little long, so I’ll be ending this here. 

I hope you had a lovely weekend and have a wonderful week! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by StockSnap from Pixabay


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