Life Update and Other Shenanigans.

Ive been radio silent on the blog, I tried to write a few things, but I just didn’t have the words flowing, and I wanted to post something regardless, but I couldn’t do it as it felt wrong not wholly to be behind something ive put onto the internet. 

It’s been an eventful few months with lots of twists and turns; a few things im still processing and haven’t quite found the right words for. I’ve been working lots of hours, spending time with some of my favourite people, and talking with those I can’t see in person now. 

Since ive last wrote, ive been listening to a new book, added some Celtic folk music to my library, and been walking the dog while informing him of training techniques and the little things ive overheard throughout the day. The dog is a great soundboard for the little things; he usually has a squeaker toy in his mouth and responds with one or a few squeaks to whatever I say. 

On the topic of the dog, he’s doing good. The training is coming along, and hes growing like a weed and getting smarter by the day! I dont know if he will stop certain behaviours as they are typical for the wee boys breed, but we will see as he grows.  

Teddy is doing good, hes got some odd characteristics that have started to show as hes getting more comfortable with me and im working on getting him more active as I dont want him to get bored as hes only got so much space. Hes still fluffy, chubby and a strange little dude; I love him dearly. 

I sat down to go through emails and ended up writing this, Ive spent the day running around getting some errands done, some cleaning, dog walking, got my hair cut, treated myself to eyebrow threading, and some cuddles from the wee pup. I’ll probably post this tomorrow (Sunday) once I get laundry started, and im not sure what else ill end up getting up to, but I do hope it’s relaxing as I would love a chill day after running around and socialising. Im off for the moment and will pick this up on Sunday. 

So it’s now Tuesday, but Sunday was eventful!  I woke up at 2 am, unable to go back to sleep, so I decided to get up and get some stuff done; I was able to get laundry done, have breakfast and lunch, organise some things I hadn’t found a home for, had a relaxing bath before 1 pm. I ended up going out on a 4-hour hike and seeing one of the smaller towns around the area.  The park was one of the provincial parks and had camping spots, a trail and many a wild animal just doing their thing! 

I meant to write this yesterday (Monday), but I wanted to enjoy some time with some wonderful people, and im finally sitting down to go through the thoughts and things swirling through my head. I feel guilty for not posting to the blog, but I wanted to send something I was happy with. The words are flowing now, and im feeling that im able to get more out, which is lovely! 

I hope you are all doing well; I’ll be posting some light-hearted posts in the next little bit; I hope your day is going lovely and your week is going well. 

Till Next Time, 



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