Let’s Talk About Myths Baby! and Tomato Sauce

I woke up a bit later than intended; I tend to catch up on the sleep im missing on my first day off. I decided to make a sausage and rice stir fry with a tomato sauce (loaded with veggies and some spice), it’s simmering as I write this, and it smells so good. I used a mix of mild Italian sausage and honey garlic (thats what I have in the freezer), and it will add a nice flavour to the dish once it’s done. 

When I started cooking, I wanted some noise (besides the tv thats on for the dog), but I didn’t want to listen to a book or music, so I decided to listen to Lets Talk About Myths Baby!  Let’s Talk About Myths Baby is an amazing podcast, and I love Liv. Liv engagingly tells the story while keeping all the facts out there and being a delightful sarcastic human being (and a fellow Canadian, so thats exciting!). She made the chopping more enjoyable by listening to her tell the story of groves and Ares; me and to pup listened to her a few times too, and it makes for a learning experience while also having something on while doing work around the house, walking or whatever really.

It’s been about two hours since starting this, ive made a playlist for a friend of a few of my favourite songs they may like, walked the dog, played with him, thinking about some things (what I need to do and such), made a decaf coffee and started a birthday gift for another friend and tried to catch a video of the pup watching tv. he always senses when im going to take a video, so it hasn’t happened yet. 

Off-topic now, but I made that fried rice and sausage dish, and it’s phenomenal; the sauce is not too tangy or acidic, balanced heat, and has good flavour. I topped it with a bit of parmesan, and im in heaven.  I added celery, carrots, onion, radishes, a garlic bulb, zucchini, sweet peppers, tomatoes, bay leaf, basil, oregano, ground cayenne pepper, black pepper, tomato paste, added some premade sauce cause I didn’t have enough paste⁄tomatoes and it turned out fresh, perfectly seasoned, and just what I was craving. 

Because I woke up late, my sense of time is off, and it feels like much earlier than it actually is, which will be a pain in the, but for now, it’s not bad. Im keeping the pup entertained by kicking his ball for him while sitting here typing at the table. Hes not too happy im writing this, I dont think; haha, hes more into playing and since our visit to the park today, hes been pretty playful, and he seems to think that he can be so much help while you’re in the kitchen, but hes learning to sit outside and supervise as its a safer spot and he can stretch out and nap easier there. 

I think I figured out what I wanted to do with the blog; ive been writing more about what matters to me, the sentimental moments that I want to share, the journeys I take, and what brings me serotonin. It’s been a while since I started the blog, and there’s a difference in the writing and the style of how I wanted to show it to you, my lovely reader.  Im Proud of where it’s gotten to; I dont write as much as I did last year, but when I do write, it’s a longer post, and there’s a bit more meat in the post for the most part, with some of them being light and fluffy. 

I have my notebook with me when I go to work, and I write down some ideas, but I seem to get them more on my days off or when im home, so ive been trying to find the balance between making sure I get what I need done while also doing some writing every day. I have a few posts written out, but they are somewhat heavy, and I want to make sure they come across in the way I mean, so im tweaking those when I can to get them out to you. 

Im off for the day to relax and get some little things done; I hope your day is going fabulous! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay


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