Birthdays and Books

It was my birthday a few days ago; it’s been an interesting week so far. Work’s been busy and keeping me on my toes (i got my new shoes, so thats been fun!); between the pup and my other hobbies, it’s been a little easier to balance and enjoy the little things. 

I started my birthday slow with some pancakes, tea, and some dog cuddles. I had lunch with Gran and did some touring before coming home and enjoying some food and one of my new to me books while getting some fresh air. The books I got are;

Heaven and Earth by Nora Roberts 

Face the Fire by Nora Roberts 

Desperation In Death by J.D Robb

Heaven and Earth and Face the Fire are books two and three of The Three Sisters Island Trilogy, with Dance Upon the Air being the first in the series. It’s a good read; the writing style is lovely, and has a good hook while keeping you entertained the whole time. I have yet to read Desperation in Death, but it’s on my to-be-read pile, and im looking forward to reading it. Hopefully, I can find a good cozy spot to read them.  

I ate some good food, listened to some good music, listened to some myth podcasts and enjoyed some silence here and there. Im sitting down listening to Jon Solo talks about Myths, and hes good, I like the pace he sets, and it’s mostly background noise for me; he does tell a good story to keep part of me entertained while focusing. Im not too sure if he focuses on a specific myth but ive heard a few different ones, the channel just popped up one day on youtube, and it seems to be good. 

Thats all I have today; I hope your day is going lovely!

Till Next Time, 



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