Sunflowers, Mac and Cheese and more.

It’s going on about eight years since my grandmother (let’s call her Mae) passed away, she passed after a long battle with cancer, and a lot has happened since then. I think of her daily, every time I see a sunflower and when I do/get my nails done. Im told I remind people of her in some of my more minor actions and some of the faces I make; I can see the resemblance, and it makes me feel happier as of my sisters, and I think I was closest to her (she didn’t let many people in). 

I remember when I was pretty young, and we (all three of us) stayed overnight, and she, in her habit of vacuuming every morning, woke me up, and my sisters slept through it.  I walked out of the spare bedroom to the kitchen, where she was making coffee and having her morning cigarette, with a bowl of warm water and a bowl of raisin bran in front of her. It was her ritual; every Sunday (to my knowledge), she would wake up, vacuum, make coffee, pour herself a bowl of cereal and give herself a manicure, I loved when we stayed over, and I was able to do this with her. She would always have an extra bowl ready as she could hear me coming out and have a glass of juice and cereal ready for me; I looked forward to waking up earlier than I probably would if I were home. I didn’t realize until she passed that she kept that to herself; I surprised Mint when I told her that she used to do my nails when we woke up early before anyone else besides my grandpa. I know it didn’t happen too much, but it was one of the best memories I have with my grandmother; when I went to college, we would email and call I have all the emails saved in a file still ( i haven’t had the heart to delete them) and she even made a Linkedin account when I first signed up and sent out a mass email to all the contacts I had at the time. The Linkedin is still up, and it makes me smile when I look at it; I shared it with mint, who was surprised cause I dont think she realized that Mae did all that she did. 

I’ll pick this up tomorrow when im done vacuuming. So it’s been more than a few days, but I still dont know how to end this; im in a sentimental mood regarding that and im just in a mood for drives to see the leaves, warm mugs of tea, cozy clothes, talks with friends and fuzzy blankets. It’s been a strange week or so where everything feels pleasing yet chaotic, and I can’t seem to put a finger on the exact reason.     

Anywho, im off for the day. I hope you’re doing well and enjoying the little things in life!

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by Me


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