The Healing Power of Pancakes and The Lion King

It has happened, I hoped it would miss me, but the cold/flu bug going through my coworkers has hit me. It started yesterday with a sore throat, dizzy,  essentially feeling like ive been run over and in the same mood. Today I feel like I was run over again on top of yesterday’s aches and symptoms; it’s not fun, and I called in for work tomorrow cause I can’t talk much and feel like I ran a marathon getting up off the couch to get a cup of something warm to heal my throat so I know I won’t be able to do my job efficiently and assist my coworkers in getting to our main goals for the day. 

The only thing I did yesterday was to make these fluffy pancakes, and I mean fluffy, and they were so good (they may have been the only thing I ate besides some crackers)! I used This recipe here, adapting it to what I had; I had vanilla greek yoghurt instead of adding vanilla, two cups of regular flour, oat milk, and Splenda instead of the sugar. I mixed it not too much, and it has a fluffy, airy consistency that made for some fluffy, light pancakes with a bit of protein in them! 

They came out perfectly and golden while not overcooked; it was the highlight of my day and made The Lion King marathon much better. I tend to watch it when im wanting background noise, and I always get sucked into it; I have since I was a baby; I dont fall asleep to it much anymore unless im really sick or tired.  It always makes my day a little bit better if im feeling sad or soothes my stress away, I have the movie memorized, and I quote it at least once a day (primarily to myself when im trying to figure things out). I still feel like hot garbage, but im curled up on the couch with wee pup checking up on me while I watch movies, go through emails and nap in between. 

Thats all I have; im off to nap. I hope you are having a wonderful day! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by Me


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