Writing and Happy Realizations.

I wanted to test my writing, so I did some little challenges, and the results are pretty good. In the last year, my writing style has gotten less chaotic and more structured than it was; my grammar is still a bit funky at times, but it’s a good deal better than I thought I was going to get it too. I dont feel im particularly exciting; however, this has brought me to try newer things and find confidence in myself where I didn’t trust my judgment/worth. 

Im still going to have slumps and moments where im not as confident, but this is making me feel like I have something more to life than work – home – sleep and repeat. It’s shown me that while I may be feeling sluggish and blah, I know I can get the words out in an easier way, and it gets better every time I write.  

I started the blog to share what I found interesting, what ive learned, and what books and other entertainment ive been into, among a few other things. Ive gotten to a point where I can feel comfortable sharing more personal things, what helps keep me happy and sane throughout the week between shifts and other life things. Books and music are the things I enjoy writing about most; they bring me the most joy in my spare time and are universal to everyone. Ive learned about many new books and different types of books by looking through other blogs and finding others through WordPress. 

Ive been thinking of the what and why I made this blog, and while it’s not what I was picturing, it’s becoming something more than I hoped im so proud of it. Maybe one day I can make it something that brings me financial gains; however, im content with doing this for fun as of right now. 

Thats all I have for today; I hope you’re having a lovely day and enjoying your weekend!

Till Next Time,


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