Journals and The Nightmare Before Christmas

Im finished the eighth journal ive had; I write nearly every night (unless im really sick or too tired). Ive primarily written in books that I found cheap in a bundle off amazon or something from the dollar tree/dollar store, which isn’t bad; they were useful, convenient and handy, so I decided to splurge and get myself an actual leather-bound journal with some trees in the foreground and the stars mixed with an aurora Borealis mixed in. It’s beautiful and has a delightful spine that will bend without breaking once I get towards the middle; it’s going to be quite nice to open up and write in it. 

I decided to get it ready for use tonight (i finished number 8 yesterday, so todays the day to start the new book); I put the day I start, the day I end, my name, address, where I work, relationship status among other things, and then I look it over when I finish and see where I started and what has changed.  Since it’s Halloween, I thought id celebrate by watching Halloweentown 2, the nightmare before Christmas and reacher; while it’s not a Halloween show, it’s good and worth the rewatches. The nightmare before Christmas is my favourite Halloween movie; it has some spooky, romance, good songs and a complete story with lovely imagery. I fell in love with the Oogie Boogie man the last few times I watched it, and hes a character I hated as a kid but love as an adult cause he knows who he is and what his goals are in life. 

Thats all I have for today; I hope all is well and your day is lovely!  

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Adam Dickens from Pixabay


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