Audible and Badges

Ive been using audible for three or so years now, I have 127 titles in my library, and I just earned my thirteenth badge. It’s pretty cool; I have the following badges;

The Stack

7-Day Stretch 


The Closer

Night Owl

Weekend Warrior



Repeat listener 


High noon

Daily dipper


The ones ive yet to learn are;



Mount Everest

Social Butterfly


The stack and the closer are the ones im most proud of all the ones ive had so far; the closer is one for starting and finishing a book, and the stack is how many books you have in your library. Dabbler is one for a variety of subjects; Nibbler is starting a few at a time; Night Owl is what you get when you listen after it gets dark (according to the definition I found at four different places); High Noon is listening over lunchtime; Daily Dipper is listening consistently for a week or so;  Marathoner is listening for minimum 16 hours; Repeat Listener is listening to a story start to finish at least three times; 7- Day Stretch is listening for seven days in a row (pretty self-explanatory); Mount Everest is for checking status in the app; Stenographer is given the more you bookmark; Social butterfly is given once you share the badges you have on social media; Alexa is given if you use an Alexa speaker to listen to your library; Weekend warrior is for when you listen primarily on the weekends; There’s a few that share some definitions in some sources ive found and than they have a different one in others so im not sure where to put Collector and Sampler. 

Anywho I just wanted to share that; im not sure if this will be something that will interest everyone, but I had a grand time looking up the meaning behind the badges, so I thought I’d share. 

I hope you’re having a wonderful day and enjoying some reading time! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Paul from Pixabay


2 responses to “Audible and Badges”

  1. Audible is incredible, affordable and even you get one credit for free when you have a prime. I’m glad Amazon has created this Treasury filled with audiobooks, especially when one may hate reading books.

    I recommend listening to “the richest man in the Babylon” by George S. Clason. Book about Elon Musk is interesting too.


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