General Life Update #5?

Life has had many adventures lately, some not so fun and some fun. Work has been a little off with people being sick and the strike causing some chaos (i hope they get a raise, they deal with alot of things in a day!); Wee pups has been in full teen dramatics lately (normal for pups his age) which has been interesting and kinda funny afterwards. I’m getting into Christmas gift prep, everyone’s getting one thing, and its either going to be a mix of something I’ve made and something I haven’t thats small, or it’s just going to be homemade (im trying to not give something that will be a space taker and be useful for the person), it all depends on how much I can finish between now and Christmas with the hours im working and random days off. 

I’ve started three blog posts, and I haven’t liked how they were turning out, so I haven’t touched them since I dont know what I will do with them,, but im trying to not leave posts unfinished in drafts cause it bothers me. It’s been one of the things that haven’t been going in my favour; the other thing is gravity and rain; I ended up cracking the majority of my phone screen to the point im thinking of replacing my phone when I can, as it’s pretty bad. Im thinking if I do replace it soonish (within the next month or so), im going with either a Samsung or maybe a pixel, depending on the price point and what’s available when I look. Sleeping later than id like to before my shift has happened alot in the last seven or so days, but I put that up to being sick for a week and then going back to work still not having 100% energy, so it felt like I was running on empty starting back for a seven-day stretch. 

Some things ive enjoyed when not working is; 


Scottish Witchcraft by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free with a foreword by Ronald Hutton

Fragile Things by Niel Gaiman 

Nightfall and Other Stories by Issac Asimov 

Recipe for Love –  on Manta 

Forget-Me-Not-Romance – On Manta 


Jojo (her newer and older songs are so damn good!)

Cuff IT – Beyonce 

Tinashe – The discography is just so good! 

Cassie – Me & U (need I say more?)

Sam Smith – Unholy

Stray Kids – Case 143

Zara Larsson- Aint My Fault 

5 Seconds of Summer – All their music is amazing

Jay Park

The Adams Family Soundtrack (2019)

Sean Paul 

On a walk with Wee Pup the other day, we sat outside on the brick/cement thing out behind the building, and I realized how big he was cause he was my height while I was sitting, and it kinda made my heart hurt. Hes grown so much, and hes still learning, some things dont seem to be sticking, but we are working on them regardless and hes gotten a bit calmer in some ways. Hes made a lot of progress since he was first here, im pretty impressed, and I feel bad on days I dont have very much patience, and I apologize to him (i dont know if he realizes it, but it makes me feel better). 

I have to say, even with having shit days, it’s helpful to have Wee Pup here cause it makes me put whatever happened at work, or I tell the dog cause the dog can’t tell no one, so thats just nice to get whatever you without having to keep it in. when there’s more happening then I can handle it does get a bit much for me thankfully it’s not often, but it does make me feel bad for not being able to be in the moment cause there was just too much and I can’t get it out properly to tell whoever around me at the time. It’s something im working on, and it’s going fairly good, but it’s something I will always be working on, cause it’s literally no one fault; it’s just my brain and a sensory overload that I couldn’t control. I have my loops, but I can’t wear those at work, and I sometimes forget where they are when im home and need them, but I always have a pair with me when I go out in case it’s a little too much for me. 

Thats all I have; life has thrown me a few curve balls with getting sick and all else thats happened since, but it’s given me moments of love, happiness, family and some good friends to balance out the negative, even if it’s a bit more than the positive at times. I hope your week is lovely and this upcoming week gives you a pleasant surprise! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by Me 


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