Pixels and Spaghetti Bake

So it’s been a bit of a week; im writing this curled up cozy like on the couch, eating some cold spaghetti bake and enjoying 100% 5 Seconds Of Summer; I genuinely feel like a hobbit, and it’s lovely. 

It has been snowing off and on all day today (we are predicted to get a decent chunk of snow for the next two days), and it’s put me in a mood to get comfy clothes on, put some good music on and enjoy some relaxing while watching the snow fall occasionally; so I finished work, got home had a bath to warm up, and I did exactly as I wanted to do all day! I highly recommend it, it feels so lovely, and im getting a good serotonin boost after an interesting day at work. 

I say its been interesting this past week cause the cracks in my screen were growing slowly, and there were small pieces of glass coming out, so that wasn’t nice; some of the other shenanigans I wrote about in the last general life update were still happening so I decided to take my days off and enjoy them! I ended up seeing family, playing with Wee pup and Cinaeds pup, cleaning, doing laundry, doing some meal prep (Spaghetti Bake), and I got my new phone! 

The phone I ended up going with was a Google Pixel 7, and it’s close to what I had previously, so it’s not too much of a learning curve. I just need to get things situated in a way I like and set up some alarms and things.  I got a good case for it and an extended warranty if something happened. 

Ive been talking more with Cinaed, and im, not one to talk on the phone too much, im more of an in-person talker with the right people, and I enjoy talking on the phone with a few people (Cinaed is one of them) but avoid if possible any other time. Speaking on the phone, it’s sometimes hard for me to know the context or meaning of what someone is trying to say cause I dont see the other person’s facial expressions/body language. Maybe it’s cause I feel like a hobbit/hermit most of the time, and I dont talk to as many people as I probably should keep in contact with regularly, so I feel comfier talking to people I can picture the face of and know the humour more. 

Im working pretty early tomorrow, so I’m going to end this here; I hope your day is going well, and you have a lovely weekend! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image By Me  


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