Black Coffee, Scottish Accents and Noodles

Black coffee is described in a google search and by various people who drink it as a coffee that has nothing added, no cream, no sugar, no sweetener, no milk, and nothing at all. 

While im at work, I have people ordering black coffees with 2 sugar or one milk, and I know it’s something little, but it makes no sense to me cause a black coffee has nothing in it by definition. It seems very small in comparison to what people may find an issue, but it’s just damn annoying to me, so I tend to say something along the lines of “A Large Coffee with one sugar and a sleeve, is there anything else today?”, their response varies. A good portion of the people I serve yell their orders, or they speak so quietly its impossible to hear anything, sometimes the people who are so quiet will talk quieter when they are told we can’t hear them over noises in the restaurant or whatever is happening outside which makes our job more difficult but we can’t control the noise made by others or outside so im not sure what they think we hear. 

I just started back working in the hospitality industry after a year and a bit, and while I dont mind, it brings back reasons why I enjoy not dealing with food on the bad days. I love my job on the good days; I enjoy the majority of the interactions I have to do, and seeing dogs in the drive-thru is my favourite part of any day; I have some favourite pups that come through, and it makes my day go from “im ready to curl in a ball and cry im so done with the day” to “ok, this is fine. I’d prefer not to be here, but this is fine.”  

Today seemed to be one of those days you couldn’t win no matter what happened, now somedays will be like this, but I decided to enjoy the rest of my day curled up under a few blankets listening/watching Shetland ( I love the accents and ive heard some people say it’s hard to understand, but I find it pretty easy) it’s becoming one of my comfort shows when im feeling overwhelmed or blah. 

I started this with a mini rant thing about black coffee orders, people being ornery and doing your best with what you have, and it ended up being an appreciation for shetland and the Scottish accent. 

Thats all I have for today im going to curl up and watch some shetland while eating some noodles. I hope your days going lovely! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay 


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