Cleaning and Trying New Things

I survived last week! I worked the weekend, picked up a bug from someone ive been in contact with, and went to work to the chaos; I made it out with minor annoyances and an appreciation for days off, the people I have in my life from work and outside of work. 

Some of my co-workers have picked up on certain things I dont really talk about too much, and one of them knows because they asked me, and I felt comfortable enough to share and told me she would only say something if I were ok with her doing so. I’ve been feeling more comfortable with the idea of sharing it as it’s not a huge thing, just something ive been figuring out and wanting to know more about before telling people.  

The big thing is Im Bi! I told a few family members and some of my friends, and it’s been something ive been figuring out for a while but ive pushed back as it wasn’t a priority to some other things happening at the time. But yeah, so I thought id share it today cause I felt it was the right time, and I didn’t want to hide it anymore.

Besides thinking of that, being sick and being a hermit because of it, ive spent the day so far cleaning, ive got what should be a Canadian staple candle going (scented like Maple Syrup), windows open, and the faint smell of lemon from the cleaner I used earlier. It smells cozy, im wearing one of my favourite outfits (oversized cardigan, leggings and a comfortable shirt), ive had some cheesecake leftover from one of mints work events and im listening to some music just relaxing and its been a charming day! 

I woke up and felt like doing makeup, and I tried a new look I hadn’t done, and I like the results; I won’t say id do it every day, but I will save it for when I have the time or special occasions. Makeup, for the most part, scares me cause I tend to cry when laughing and kinda lose my eyes. When I do makeup, I try not to wear something too dramatic to work cause I will laugh so hard I cry at one point (eyeliner wins for work and waterproof mascara); I also dont like being the centre of attention, so when I do makeup it’s more enhancing some of my facial features and bringing a little bit of colour to my face. 

Im not sure where to take this, so think im going to end it here and work on some projects I need to finish but put off. I hope your weekend is lovely and you have something sweet happen to ya! 

Till Next Time,


Main image by Me


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